My most recent project - Ordys - is up and running and I am currently looking for interesting programming contracts.


Extrasys - division of Bailey Teswaine

For 3 years from early 2006 I have been holding the position of Senior Software Developer in the company headquarters in London, United Kingdom. I designed and coded a back-end system for managing and billing client activity in a Citrix environment. As the most senior programmer in the company I was often seconded to do other coding projects, for example I extended dashboard and reporting functionality of our ERP system to facilitate the management of multi-million maintenance contracts with Royal Bank of Scotland, Royal Mail and British Telecom. On top of that I have been involved in developing solutions on the Microsoft platform including C# development for Sharepoint.

It has been a very successful period in my career and apart from looking after my technical abilities I was using my soft skills to help clients be more efficient by doing business process modelling and conducting "Introduction to UML" presentations.

The economic downturn of 2008 forced Bailey Teswaine to sell Extrasys. The whole team have been made redundant as the new owner just needed our clients, the software and the hardware. I will be missing people and I hope to have a chance to work with my manager Dr Mark Williams in the future.


A company responsible for the best known open source ad server was my first employer after coming to the UK in 2004. I worked there with great people such as Demian Turner, founder of Seagull Systems , and Luis Correa d'Almeida whom I thank for being my mentor.

Great company and great people. It took me some time to stop regretting my decision of leaving OpenX.

Pre 2005 contracting

Back in Poland I was involved in various activities from gentle Java coding during my internship in e-point SA in 2000 to hardcore C hacking of HP-UNIX and Garmin GPS devices for Perm SA, part of the PKN Orlen Group in 2004.